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Dr. Walt Hollow:
A Pioneer on the Frontlines of Native American Medicine

Dr. Hollow is a member of Assiniboine-Sioux tribes . He is a practicing board certified family physician, and is the first American Indian graduate from the University of Washington School of Medicine in Seattle. Dr. Hollow developed the Native American Center of Excellence in 1992, and served as the Director until 2001. He is now the Director of Faculty Development for NACOE, and is an active instructor for the Indian Health Pathway. His private practice is at Group Health Cooperative by Northgate Mall, Washington, and serves as a clinic preceptor there. He is also on the Board of the Seattle Indian Health Board, and continues research in American Indian Health. He is presently working with the WWAMI Workforce Research Program at the University of Washington and studying workforce issues and higher education for Native American students. He spoke with Tribal Connections Editor Miles White.

Dr. Walt Hollow
(Photo by Miles White)


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