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Tribal Connections is no longer being maintained as of July 2006.

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Criteria for Evaluating New Web Site Links

The focus of the Tribal Connections Web site is to provide Internet health information resources for American Indians and Alaska Natives. In addition to original articles, you will see that Tribal Connections has many pages that link to other web sites. The selection guidelines we use to evaluate links made to other web pages are listed below.

Cultural Relevance is one of the most important criteria for links from the Tribal Connections Web site. We link to content that:

  • Is appropriate and sensitive to the culture of our intended audience.
  • Is meaningful and accessible to users who are American Indian or Alaska Native.
  • Addresses issues and concerns specific to the American Indian/Alaska Native community.
  • Respects the Native American/Alaska Native view of the person as both a physical and spiritual being.
  • Uses images or icons which are accurate, respectful or neutral, not inaccurate, disrespectful or caricatures.
  • Avoids negative symbols, images, or icons.
  • When it represents a tribe or tribal view, has sufficient information to support the claim.
  • Additional criteria can be found at "Techniques for Evaluating American Indian Web Sites",

Health information must meet additional criteria including:


  • Relevant and useful
  • The target audience is clearly identified
  • Substantial
  • Accurate free of mistakes, credible, and consistent with other sources
  • Well-written (clarity of thought, correct spelling and grammar)
  • Readable and appropriate for the intended audience level
  • Current and up-to-date, if that is appropriate to the material, with a date clearly displayed
  • Links to other resources are quality filtered and maintained
  • Unbiased and balanced presentation of information
  • Opinion can be clearly distinguished from fact
  • Primary purpose of the site or page is educational and informational, not to sell a product
  • Health information on the site is designed to support, not replace the patient/provider relationship.

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Design and ease of use

  • Well-organized and easy to navigate; a search engine is a plus
  • Fast-loading pages with only necessary graphics
  • Attractive design that is visually appealing
  • Site links are maintained
  • Accessible to persons with disabilities
  • Compatible with most commonly used browsers


  • Privacy and confidentiality are protected
  • Does not require user to register and disclose personal information
  • Advertising policy or funding is disclosed
  • Disclosure of potential bias and conflict of interest
  • Clear disclaimers are given


  • Author, publisher or organization is clearly identified
  • Any sponsors are clearly shown, especially if they are commercial sponsors
  • Only qualified professionals are writing medical advice
  • Any advisory board or consultants should be listed on the site
  • Verifiable references and documentation are given, if applicable
  • Contact information is given, especially for whoever is responsible for maintaining the site (webmaster, etc.)

Treatment of disease (for sites that include this information)

  • Describes how treatment works
  • Makes clear that there may be more than one treatment option
  • Describes both benefits and risks
  • Addresses quality-of-life issues
  • Compares treatment vs. no treatment

Unique or "best" source of the information

  • Does not duplicate other sites already linked to
  • Unique or special features or information, e.g. might include online tutorials, illustrations, etc.

Team Members:

  • Review Coordinator = Roy Sahali
  • TC Team Members = Maryanne Blake, Pat Bradley, Siobhan Champ-Blackwell,
        Roy Sahali, Stephanie Weldon, Miles White
  • Web Administrator = Pat Chinn-Sloan

Posted April, 2004

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